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Checklist for a Dog-Friendly Yard

When you can’t escape for a destination vacation, a staycation might be exactly what you and your furry friend need. The longer, warmer days invite us to play in the grass and bask in the sunshine. But, is your backyard a destination you both can enjoy? Check out these tips to create a space where you both can chill or play hard ‑- all season long!

  • Ensure your yard is fenced for your pup’s safety. Check areas to make sure your bestie can’t escape and no other unwanted friends can come in.
  • Create a shady area where you can both escape and relax. From shady trees to umbrellas, lounge cushions or even a dog house, make sure your pooch can unwind and beat the heat.
  • Let’s swim! Keep your pup cool and refreshed with unique water features such as kiddy pools, sprinklers or deeper wading ponds. There’s something for every dog and every budget.
  • Build your pup a hydration station. Summer temps can soar and it’s vital that your pup has plenty of fresh, clean drinking water whenever he’s outside.
  • Treat your sidekick to an obstacle course! Dog’s love to be challenged and are great at learning new tricks. And, don’t forget the treats for a job well done!
  • Watch out for harmful plants! Not all flowers and bushes are safe for animals. Be sure to do your research to make sure your yard is safe for your pup. Avoid plants such as azaleas and lilies, which can be harmful.
  • Ward off those pesky bugs. From fleas to ticks, mosquitoes to wasps, insects can interrupt playtime fun. Make sure your pup has had regular flea and tick medication and  look for pet-friendly yard treatments.
  • Take breaks from the heat by going indoors. Don’t overdo your time outside as the heat can be harmful to you both.
  • Wear sunscreen! Did you know white dogs can get sunburned? Children’s spray sunscreens are best for you pup but talk with your vet to find out what’s best.