child with pug puppy
child with pug puppy

New Puppy Prep 101

Congratulations! The first day you bring your new puppy home is a big moment for both of you — and one of the most precious times in your relationship together. You're probably a little nervous. But, no fear! We'll help you make your puppy's first experience a positive one. Here are a few things to consider.

What’s in a Name?

First off, what's your new pup's name? You may want a name to match his or her personality, and one that's simple to pronounce and remember. The sooner you name your puppy, the sooner he'll feel more at home.

When Nature Calls

A small detail that will make a big difference is “toilet” training. Just like you, your puppy will appreciate having a familiar spot to “do business.” Take some time to help your little friend find a good spot outside. When your pup gets the job done, show some praise. And if he or she decides now is not the time to go, no worries. Simply head back inside and try again the next time it looks like nature is calling.

First Impressions

Now for the moment you've been waiting for! Take your puppy inside to his or her new home. Imagine all the scents, sights and sounds your little friend will take in. Then, introduce your puppy to the comfy space where he or she will sleep, whether in a dog bed or crate. Of course, be prepared for any inevitable accidents by lining the floors with some newspaper. By giving your little companion chew toys and a clean blanket, you'll quickly create a cozy environment.

You'll also want to show your new puppy where it can eat and drink comfortably. Fill food and water bowls in advance with CESAR® canine cuisine for puppies so he or she can dig right in!

Happily Ever After

Now for the best part — creating special moments together! From day one, you couldn't help but fall in love with each other. Through fun times and playful moments together, you'll create a very unique and special bond.

If there are kids in the house, they'll be just as excited too. So make sure you teach them how to treat the puppy with care. Since your puppy may be a little anxious at first, teach everyone in your family to be friendly and understanding.

You've already taken big steps to ensure your relationship starts off on the right foot … or paw. And by setting a loving and caring example, there's no doubt you'll make your precious pup feel right at home in no time!

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